Brought to you by Arphax Publishing Co., is a family history software service for linking old maps and land records to your genealogy research. Until recently, we were probably best known for providing online versions of the Family Maps and Texas Land Survey Maps book series, but that perception has changed since the release of our revolutionary First Landowners Project...

What is the First Landowners Project?

Instead of looking at landowner maps township by township, imagine what it would be like to have a SINGLE, INTERACTIVE MAP containing over 12.3 MILLION LANDOWNERS among 30 states (all 29 of the public land states in the Continental U.S., plus Texas). Imagine constantly expanded map coverage, and having the ability to keep track of all the early homesteaders you're researching. Imagine...wait, you don't have to imagine. IT'S HERE, and AVAILABLE NOW to Our Subscribers!

What is the Antique Maps Collection?

Over the years, we have compiled and indexed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LANDOWNERS from a constantly expanding collection of nearly 4000 MAPS from various sources and time periods. All you need to access this content is a subscription.

Additional Features of Interest

For those that remember our original HistoryGeo Map Viewer, here are some changes that might interest you:

  • Printing is Now Possible
  • Better Mobile Browser Support
  • New and Improved Annotation Tools
  • A Lot More People to Find

For a lot more detail concerning the First Landowners Project and, be sure and read this extensive PDF Document. For specifics on the Antique Maps Collection, see this resource list.